Swimming in Monet

Weird Poetry

I have been to many museums,

And have seen some of the world’s

Most beloved works of art:

The Mona Lisa

Wingéd Victory

The Nightwatch


Venus de Milo

The frickin’ Sistine Chapel, guy!

But the one that rests its dreamy watery head

Upon the cushion of my memory,

Is Monet’s Water Lilies.

Maybe it was at the Musée D’Orsay (it was long ago and I can’t quite recall)

Where I tripped arse over tea kettle

Right into it.

Not literally…

Calm your tits…

No paintings were harmed…

But it felt like

The moment I walked into the room

And clamped my soul upon it,

The colours flooded my vision

And my senses

And I just…

Fell into it.

I was standing before it

But I wasn’t really.

It was a fleeting moment of union

Upon which my artistic sensibilities cling

When it feels like the world

Is coming apart at the seams.



I apologize for my absence. Hope everyone is doing well.

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