Weird Poetry

Where have I been hiding

These last several months?

Nowhere, really,

Just on my exercise mat in my tiny living room,

Getting tangled in giant elastic bands,

Making mistakes and fixing them,

Sweating, swearing, crying and laughing at myself,

And pulling a new body,

A new person,

Out of an old expired one.

Kinda like when a snake sheds its skin…



Maybe I sensed the oncoming mayhem of a pandemic,

But back in the darkness of February

I faced a growing dis-ease

With my own mediocrity

And my impending mortality

(I was also getting ready to turn 40…

And turning 40 will do that to a person…).

But I wasn’t settling anymore.

I can’t become complacent

And keep stuffing poison down my throat

And generating lame excuses for not pushing myself

Physically and mentally.

And I won’t allow my body to atrophy,

And never realize my own strength and dedication,

And never allow my body and mind to evolve.

And and and and!

I want to not only flirt with my own potential,

But get into it.

Deeply into it.

Like… balls deep.

I want to be the valiant Taarna

You know? That avenging angel from Heavy Metal

Who thinks nothing of charging forth

To vanquish the evil Loc-Nar.

But I have no Loc-Nar to destroy

Except for the one I already carry around inside me.

Though I might not be tall, statuesque and white-haired

And not nearly as stoic and silent as she,

I too am a force,

Or if I am not one now,

I will surely be one later.

Fuck that little glowing green asshole,

And those shithead little voices telling me

To quit.

To them, I say:

Hold my water bottle, bitch….



I still have a long way to go, but I’m in no rush. It is amazing to see my muscles starting to develop. I have also lost a tonne of unneeded weight that was literally and figuratively weighing me down and holding me back from my own damn self! Fitness and real food is the best medication on earth. For me at least…. 🤘🤘🤘

14 thoughts on “Buff

    1. It’s so hard though… lol! Not gonna lie… throwing myself onto my mat 5 times a week takes dedication I never knew I had. But I don’t give up easily. Thanks Mike. 💋💋💋 You’re not too shabby yo’self!

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      1. Mornings don’t work anymore now that summer is over and I am back to my regular routine, but I do it 5x a week in the late afternoon or evening now. It is something I look forward to.

        Make sure you’re good and healed up before hitting that mat again… or gym or whatever. I don’t do gyms….

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      2. Don’t think like that, Mike. I sincerely do not believe in never. Fuck that shit. Ever try resistance bands. I know physios use them to help people heal….

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  1. You were already Taarna to me Empress, less the pterodacto-chicken. But I support your desire to feel and look the way that makes you the happiest. But your allure comes from something much deeper than your looks. Work hard but be safe!

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    1. Oh Brad… gosh…. 😊 But it is not only about aesthetics. I want to be strong and functional and lighter. Extra weight on my small frame doesn’t work well for me. Literally weighs me down. Anyhoo, I greatly appreciate the support and kind words. ❤❤❤

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