I’m no Goddess

Weird Poetry

I’m no Goddess;

I am clotted blood and clawed nail.

I’m no Goddess;

I’m a collection of fetal fossils

Curling into myselves

Like fractals

Unseen to the naked eye.

I’m no Goddess;

I’m dirty tears and carnal knowledge.

I’m no Goddess;

I’m unshared fantasies and subsequent shame.

I’m no Angel;

My wings burned up

The moment my feet left the ground.

I’m no Empress;

I only play one on T.V.

I’m no Poet;

Just a loquacious attention-whore

With a penchant for pretty words

I cannot lure out

Of my own shadows.

And I’m no Motherfucking Muse;

The only words I inspire are the ones

That never see light of day.


8 thoughts on “I’m no Goddess

  1. I do not know the internal mechanisms that slant your view or color the hues when you look in the mirror. We all have beasts that do not like our reflection. But when I look upon you directly, without the distortion of reflection, I see you as all those things. You do not have to be a Goddess, an Empress, a poet or a muse. Just be you and let the rest of us love you for it, in spite of what you think you are not. Sending hugs, love, and best wishes! 💖

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