Masturbatory Poetry

Erotic Poetry, Weird Poetry

Writing a poem

By oneself

For oneself

Is like masturbating

Without a need for any external stimuli

Or inspiration.

It just feels good

So you do it.

And you draw your desires out

From the deep deep inside.



Writing a poem

Inspired by someone else

Is like masturbating to…

Someone else.

The external stimuli drives

The force of creation

And lust.

You do it to conjure… something


A moment…

An hour…

An eternity…

Of yowling climaxes

And of licking nectared lamentations

Off a plate of craving.

It’s unbearable.



Writing masturbation


That is like poeming the living hell

Out of your pen

Then burning it

Along with the parchment it came onto,

Yet leaving no trace

But spilled and sprayed ink

Scraps of scorched paper

And walls dripping in…





Anyone else need a joint?

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