The Loon

Weird Poetry

I ambled along a wooded trail

Early this morning

With no company

Other than the dew on the leaves

And the chirping crickets.

The sun had already peeked its head

Over the horizon

But I never would’ve known;

The blue sky was painted over

In shades of grey

And utter loneliness.

Then I heard

A haunting yodel far above me,

And the sound arrested my breath.

I looked up

And spied a solitary loon

As he cast his black silhouette

Against an indifferent moon-toned sky.

It sent a battery of shivers

Down my spine.

I watched him

And wondered if he really was

As lonely

As he looked and sounded

Way up there by his lonesome

In the sky.

But in all honesty…

I didn’t think so

At all.




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