Red Squirrels

Weird Poetry


The red ones…

Are a riot.

But don’t fuck with them.

They sass

And snark

And spitchirp their dominion over the land.

Their demand for sunflower seeds knows no end.

If you do not yield to their almighty power and their demands,

They will break into your shed

Or die trying.

Oh yes…

Yes they will.




True story….

4 thoughts on “Red Squirrels

    1. I spend a lot of time watching squirrels and have found that they are quite different. Red squirrels are loud and obnoxious. Adorable… yes. But loud. And demanding. Grey squirrels are just more chilled out. Probably because they don’t have to fight as much for food… it is more plentiful in the city. Red squirrels are only on the country. They’re my favourite. They’re feisty. Lol

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