Weird Poetry

I think that some things are just too beautiful to look at head on.

Some people are too.

That’s why I find myself merely side-eyeing, skimming, peeking at through my fingers, toeing (as in when you dip your toe in the pool to test it even though you just know it is the perfect temperature and would prefer to fling yourself head-first right into it but instead you fucking just toe it), poking, sipping at, delicately nibbling the things I consider too beautiful to swallow and braid into the strings of my heart.

I would cease to exist if I did otherwise. Because I can’t bear it. I can’t look at it head-on.

But if you asked me to define this beauty I’m talking about, I couldn’t if I tried. All I would be able to say is that the more I can’t bear it, the more beautiful it is.




*** Title stolen from an absolutely stunning work of cinema by Fatih Akin. Fantastic film… that has nothing at all to do with this little bit of poem. ***

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