A Fly Died in the Paint

Weird Poetry

He landed on a painting…

A fresh painting…

A shitty painting (but this is besides the point)….

His spindly little black legs sinking into

The greens, the golds and the yellows…

And eventually the black (the colour he personally contributed to the composition).

He was doomed the moment he entered the room

And started to circle my unopened paint bottles.




*** Little bugger was spying on me the whole time I was making a delicious paint mess. Perv. But don’t worry… he didn’t really die on my painting. I was just indulging my more sadistic fantasies I suppose… gulp…. That… and he was really annoying. ***

7 thoughts on “A Fly Died in the Paint

    1. Yes indeed lol Well… my paintings are weird as fuck and not that great. I have posted many painting/poetry combos on my blog. Just go through it and you will start to find them. However… my blog was quite… different… several months ago. Lots of… ummm… 18+…ahem…. sorrynotsorry.

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