I Wish I Could Eat Gem Stones for Dessert

Weird Poetry

I am sitting on my bed

crunching black opal, rose quartz, labradorite and celestite between my smiling teeth

singing forth shine, shimmer, sensual enigma and rippling auroras through the window of my pulsating heartworld

Into the undulating aether

hoping that something lightful and godfringed bounces back.

I lick my lips in languished wait

And recline into a momentary crystaled joy.




***I do not endorse drugs of any kind….other than cannabis….and perhaps select hallucinogens….why not? ***

10 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Eat Gem Stones for Dessert

      1. It has been a couple of years for me but I just love being surrounded by them, wearing them, holding them, nestling them, kissing them. I swear they are alive. To me they are. Don’t care if I seem crazy. I flew over the cuckoos nest many years ago anyway… hehe…

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      2. I started to wear a smoke quartz around my neck last week. Just felt right. But out of curiosity, I researched and found out what they help with… and it was exactly what I needed help with. Weird. Lol I even lay them out under the full moon… when I remember to lol

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      3. Same. Pick up some Selenite if you don’t have it already. It purifies them and clears them of all the things they absorb.

        Oddly enough, Utah has a ton of witchy stores I fully intend to visit while I am here. I will bet they have some amazing crystals

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      4. Lol! I have a little selenite tower and a flat bar of it as well lol I think citrine also cleanses. I hold that one to my solar plexus when I am down on myself.

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