Rewriting Poems #1: Heart Beat / Beart Heat

Weird Poetry

Trying something new. A poem I wrote and wasn’t fond of – rewritten. Kinda like TJ of last week versus TJ of this week. Yawp.


Heart Beat

I’m the heart…

And you’re the beat that swells and collapses.

I’m the blood…

And you’re the current, the rush, and the retreat.

I’m the moon-swollen sea…

And you’re the waves and the crashing.

I’m the moon,

And you’re the silver enigma.

I’m the zero,

And you’re the one.

You’re the soul,

But I am the ghost.


Beart Heat (the rewrite)

Swelling collapsing beating heartwing [heartbeat sounds in frenzy]

Heart of my heart

You’re the blood

When I rush to retreat in your tumescent current

I the swollen moon with child so ripe

Waves that crash and lullaby her head to sweet saline slumber

Under your moonful enigma that is

Silver sliver Selene so silent

She whispered that zeros and ones are not just for numbering but for entering

And that

The ghosts are tears shed by a soul.




*** Also this

Photo credit: The Googster 🤙

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