no more hundredmillion re-takes

Weird Poetry

hundreds thousands millions bajillions of countless moments

frozen still static paused

on screen

contortions of lust and want

and moaning inside my skin

screaming beyond my mouth

too many moments like that to count

moments of seeking

moments of angles and eye-rolls

moments of sweet jesus and writhing

moments of fuck and i hate myself

moments of love and caressing my own softness and kissing better the delicate

and re-takes

don’t forget the motherfucking re-takes

and re-takesretakesretakesretakes

and re-fucking-takes

it felt good sharing nudez in the middle of the forum

humiliation was a constant lover in all of this

one I crawled into willy nilly

but we broke up last night

— I destroyed it all —

all that remains is what you find left on the wall with the yellowing tape and what you’ve kept hidden in your back pocket since the beginning

I prefer to shed my clothes

and my skin

in words

now that you’ve all already seen my assymetrical tits

but I will show you all of my true asymmety

and a nakedness that rivals heartache




***Feels too good to burn things.***

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