Rewriting Poems #2: The Green and My Heart/The Green of My Heart

Weird Poetry

***Another experiment in rewriting. I will be digging into my archives soon to do more. This is my project now.***

Original “The Green and My Heart” (written sometime last week):

I adore you

The way the hesitant breeze


The leaves on a sunny high blue day

In the wooly heat of midsummer:

Warmly and gently,

And almost without detection.

Unless you close your eyes

To feel the movements

Of the green

And my heart.


Rewrite “The Green of My Heart”:

Adoring the waves of you in my internal bloodsea is easier than an effortless wind that doesn’t need a single breath to blow into your heart.

The introverted breeze swallows itself and disturbs no one but the water in a leaf and the water in your cells,

And the only sky I see is the one in your eyes.

In your eyes… in your living soulstorming eyes whose gaze heats me like a wooly itching summer that has me molting out of my skin and into


Like you are my new skin (like I never had my own),

And I am now forever your hand upon your cheek.

And when I can’t find the sun above my head,

I look towards the sound of your breathing heartwind,

And always towards the you in the green of my heart.




*** To sweet summer… fare thee well. ***

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