Blue of Eye

Weird Poetry

A former co-worker once told me that

My eyes were too light a blue

In comparison to those of my beautiful sister

Which were less wet ice and more cornflower,

A darker, less arresting, less disconcerting shade of blue,

I suppose.

On another occasion, a child told me that

I looked creepy when I removed my glasses

And revealed my soul-shattering stare;

My eyes and wild hair must have made me appear a crazed animal from the pages of the illicit book tucked into his school bag… the scary one he wasn’t allowed to read.

In reply to his observation, I laughed and widened my eyes and bared my bloodstained fangs

Just to watch him cringe;

I can be a little sadistic like that…

And that makes me laugh

Because I am most definitely and intentionally



A friend once told me that

She thought blue-eyed people lacked


And were maybe a little bit



She thought that

Until she met me.

I somehow changed her mind about this deeply entrenched belief most probably handed down by some old superstitious ladies in her bloodline.

I love this woman to bits, but I still wonder how she — or anyone — could hold such an asinine belief.

Then again….

Yet another time, a colleague was once listening to me speak at a meeting, and asked me to start over because she was “bewitched” by my eyes

And couldn’t follow my words.

The sun was bright and was doing things to my pigmentation… giving it a life of its own,

I suppose.

But I laughed at the weirdness of the moment because I am not exactly a bewitching person;

I’m too cute to be bewitching… but it made me feel powerful

And dangerous…

And I liked it not a little bit.

My eye colour is almost always the first thing people remark on when they meet me.

And what people say is almost always good


There is this ever-present undercurrent of discomfort

And wonder

That never ceases to stupify me.

Why the discomfort?

Is it because blue eyes hold deeper secrets, completely inaccessible to anyone other than the owner of said eyes?

People never seem to be able to swim past the islands of gold in my sea of glacial chill… unless I invite them onto my boat.

But even so… there is always a limit as to how far I let anyone accompany me.

I don’t carry life jackets on board either;

It’s sink or swim in my dread waters.

Are people unsettled by blue eyes because they can cut a person without touching them, and reduce them to rubble with a single look? Do people detect a hint of predation somehow?

Is that why?

I have made people recoil under my version of the death glare.

But I always have to turn away to hide my barely contained laugh.

And how about “evil eyes”? Why are they blue anyway?

Is the blue seen as good, hence evil-vanquishing? (Blue eyeds – 1; Everyone else – 0)

Or is it more of a fight evil with evil sorta thing? (Blue eyeds – 0; Everyone else – 1)

I don’t get it.

Maybe I’ll google it.

You know…

I think people are freaked out by the blue because it makes them tremble a little bit.

Because you can’t hide anything from blue eyes;

They slice up a façade like raw meat

Only to watch it hit the floor with a sickening slap.

Not always on purpose… actually… almost never; it just happens.

They can discover your deepest secrets (without your uttering a single word),

And give you none of their own in return…

Unless they want to.

They can kiss you with frostbite

Or melt you from the inside out —

Blue eyes can do that.

But yes…

Perhaps you should be a little bit


But then again….




***Beware the attack of the Killer Blue-Eyed People-Eater.***

10 thoughts on “Blue of Eye

    1. 💋💋💋 Thank you, my friend. It takes a lot to share the things that have made me feel shit about myself but that’s real nudity, right? Funnily enough, I have always liked my own eyes even though brown is my favorite on others.

      Liked by 1 person

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