Rewriting Poems #3: Soft Pink Dreams

Weird Poetry

***I went into the wayback machine to my first month of blogging to plumb for a poem that I might enjoy rewriting. I rediscovered this one. It’s time for a makeover…. I called it “Soft Pink Dreams”… [audible eyeroll with weird squeaking noise].***


Original “Soft Pink Dreams” (12/16/2018)
Velvety pink dreamy creamy lushness

Between my thighs.

All over my body.

Wrapping my insides and outsides in swathes of rosy softness.



I wear your lips like rose-scented velvet on my lush creamy thighs,

And can’t help but run my fingers through your dreams

As if they are mine known.

My body wants to be entangled with your insides, twisted into the wires of your musculature, folded into the marrow of your bones

Until all that is left of our outsides is impregnable soil and the germinating seeds of wild roses.




***Inspired by a piece of pale pink lingerie. I relish a good roll around with myself sometimes… a lot of the time.***

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