Eternity Dances (Whispers)

Erotic Poetry

Eternity dances (the undulations and ululations of our bodies and vocal resonance in the aether, helixed in dampening bedsheets at moonset)

Across the tip of my tongue (your hips like ocean waves above me and I am drowning in you)

Atop the domes of my sky-misted eyes (you are all I can see save for the gods clawing for me with your hands)

Like my wanton lips (my lips swollen red with your lust)

Across the peachy down of your belly (I could lie my head here forever and believe your scent is the only one I know and ever will)

Like your intoxicating honey (the words stop here and sense melts between your burning thighs, in my fire hands, in my open receiving mouth)

Sliding down my throat (I want you)

Like your moans (symphonic orgasms fill my mouth, fill your mouth, and drip down our chins)

Into my lust-laced ears (sounds of us tangled in our hair, biting tender earlobes and drawing your blood from my pulse)

Like my fingers (ours)

Slipping deep into you (and you and you and me and holy reverent angel you)

My eternal obsession (I will never be the same after you and neither will you)




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