Weird Poetry

Write your book (scratch it across my wrists and watch me wince)

Upon my flesh (draw out my soul along with my bloodlines)

With your teeth (with your long thirsty teeth, the ones pressed into my gushing throb)

And your seeping heart (the one that possesses the tragic comedy of us, and cannot contain it)

Make my skin (most hallowed of sheath)

Your parchment (kissed in ink of vein and bitten tongue)

Your palimpsest (kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed until my lips crack and you can taste my solipsism)

Upon which (within, without, above, below)

You inscibe (etchings speak through a scratchlike alphabet with moans and howls in place of phonemes)

Over and over (ever and ever)

And over again (and never again)

All the ways in which (there are none and countless many)

I will destroy you (I will bring you Life when Death runs his fingers along your moongleam bones)



*** The tide in my womb is ripe, and I just want to lose myself in its fecundity. ***

*** Tad melodramatic there, eh? ***

***But seriously, this is kind of another rewrite. The bold was the older poem written about a week and a half ago, the italics in parentheses is the rewrite.***

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