Reimagining Blake’s Tyger

Weird Poetry

Last year, I reread William Blake’s The Tyger from his Songs of Experience collection. I don’t believe I could hold a candle to this man, who was by far my favourite Romantic (right up there with Mary Shelley), but his words inspired some of my own. I have edited a bit as it has been over a year since I first wrote it.

You can read the original Blake poem HERE.

This is my version:


Do my stripes make me burn like Blake’s tyger?

All fearful asymmetry and sun-scorched eyes,

And borne of the wingéd aspirations of some ineffable architect.

Sinews of heart muscle twist and tunnel,

As a new heartbeat pummels to the surface to be heard.

Though it will take more than the hammer and chain to mould

My dread mind with your clawed grasp;

Only terrors await thee.

My eyes were speared from the stars,

And my tears laced with heaven above

And hell below.

There is no doubt that the One who made

The lamb and the tiger,

And all of the angels and demons

Also made





*** I know mine is absolute shit but it was a lot of fun to write. ***

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