I only paint with light now

Weird Poetry

I found this brush,

But the only colour it could paint with was black.

And every time I painted,

I would get black paint all over my hands and fingers.

And the more I painted,

The more paint would drip and plop off of the bristles on the brush,

And onto my fingers, and twist around my wrists, and up/down my arms.

I’m chaos so I always get paint on both of my hands and arms.

The more I painted and the more paint I used,

The more caked the layers,

The harder to clean my hands.

The black paint was so thick and gummy that I almost had to stop painting because I lost the range of motion in my painting hand.

I had to put that brush down,

Peel off the endless layers of paint from my fingers,

My palms,

My wrists,

My aching arms,

And paint with some other brushes that were able to carry, transmute and transmit other colours,

Because black isn’t the only colour;

It isn’t even a colour, really.

It is absence visually manifested.

Then I found a brush that painted only white,

But if you know anything about colour theory,

You will know that white contains all of the colours on the spectrum (the visible one, at least).

And when I picked that one up and painted with it,

Everything it touched turned to light,

And my hands were never marred by voidful black again.




*** Fuckin’ Mondays, eh? Also… make sure you know something about colour theory before you write about it, k, Sweet Bottom? ***

*** Ever paint with a black hole instead of a brush? I have. I use angel wings as paint brushes now. ***

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