Hand-drawn Void

Weird Poetry

I used to draw a lot.

Now the thought of bringing

Graphite to paper

Fills me with doubt… and trepidation.

And every time I try,

Or rather… think about trying…

My hand stops me

And asks me

If I really want to put her through

The experience of drawing something

I will only throw away.




*** Well… that’s a piss-poor excuse not to start drawing again. A downright cowardly one, Sugar Lips. ***

*** But my hands are raw from balling into fists and breaking pencils. ***

*** Pick up the fucking pencil, sharpen it to a fine stabbing point, and draw that thing that has been haunting you since the pall of plague draped itself over the world. Your lungs sputter and spray blood now. Aim it at the book of empty pages at your curled feet.***

5 thoughts on “Hand-drawn Void

  1. Sometimes we draw just so we can throw it away. Or write so that it can go unread. Or play a note just for the silence that follows. Sometimes we need to dig a hole, just to fill it back up.

    PS: I really like the poem and the drawing

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