Rewriting Poems #4: Ghostly Red/Red Ghost Touch

Erotic Poetry, Weird Poetry

I wrote this poem about a little less than 2 years ago. Totally forgot about it, but I remember what inspired it.

I’ll never tell….

Anyhoo, just reimagining it in different words and word arrangements.


Original “Ghostly Red” – (01/26/2019):

Spectral sensuality.

Red hot touch.

Scintillation on the cold hard floor.

Unseen hands and slippery fingers find their way inside,

Pulling me through the floor into a velvety void of moans and gasps.

Join me in the aether for an eternal moment.


Rewrite: “Red Ghost Touch”

A scarlet spectre stands silent in the corner

As I sizzle like ants on the mid-July pavement

Under the seething glare of a magnifying glass,

All contortion and arching back,

And shuddering from your invisible red ghost touch

That I can sense in my own grovelling and grasping hands.

I can feel you watching,

Willing my own fingers into slippery parts of me

That drip love and aether.

I didn’t even feel the floor fall out from under me

When you thrusted your eternal moment into mine.




*** Do you see dead people, Sweet Cheeks? Sounds like you see dead people…. Just sayin’…. ***

*** I don’t know what I see or feel sometimes, but whatever it is, it sure as fuck isn’t dead. ***

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