The way you make me spill all over my clean white shirt

Weird Poetry

They way you make me spill all over my clean white shirt

The way you enter my unspoken words and my unremembered dreams

The way you permeate and pervade and pass through my myriad secret corridors

The way you blunt my edges and tame my wild (somewhat though… I am unkempt birdnest hair on blustery days)

The way you impregnate me with cloudbanks and spirit seedlings

The way you place flames in my irises and tongues of fire on my fingertips

The way you hang your growlings around my throat like a diamond-studded choker

The way you smooth my scars and lick my bruises

The way you devour me without unmaking me whole

The way you cover my skin in the multicoloured petals of underestimated flowers

The way you perforate my steel and collapse my gate of bones and frozen breath

The way you transform me into an unexpected field of unfurling savage flowers

The way you finger my curls and curl your fingers

The way you touch me with silence and deafening compositions of darkest light and lightest dark

The way you hold me still with your peace

The way you collapse my towers

The way you rebuild me from the dusty smoking rubble




*** The way you leave out all of the punctuation like you’re trying to be clever or unique or something…. ***

*** The way I always trigger you into feeling like you need to criticize me… like your sense of security and existence depends on it… or something…. ***

2 thoughts on “The way you make me spill all over my clean white shirt

  1. Honestly, this is one of the best pieces of poetry I’ve read in a while. Or to say, it touches me deeply. It is magnificent, magical, and moving in its imagery. This is, in my opinion, one of the best pieces I have read from you. It’s glorious.

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