Jewel of Rubied Blood

Weird Poetry

I wear my heart directly on my chest sometimes —

Under my lingerie, under cute shirts and sweaters, and big cozy sky-hued scarves that I wrap around my shoulders and the back of my neck.

If you look closely, you will see it beating there. A little pulsation happening under swathes of soft white cotton and emerald green lace.

You might see it glow too, like a little jewel of rubied blood.

But it is never more obvious than at bath time when I step out of my day-dusted clothes and my storm-weathered skin.

I did all of my crying in one shot, and I out-wet my bath water.

Oddly though, I smile most of the time outside of my head and dark cloud moments.

But if you look at me from an indirect angle, you’ll see the sideways cast of my gaze.




*** Wow, Puss-Puss. Sounds like you need a break from civilization. Maybe another bath… a longer one…. ***

*** I’m not all that you see but I am more than you could ever imagine. ***

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