That day I wore the sky around my shoulders

Weird Poetry

I danced on the iced grass in the late day, and wore a cloudful sky around my shoulders.

I watched the remnant colours of falling autumn quiver like gasps on the almost-barren branches,

And give way to the gentle dead-sleep autumn that follows before night time reigns for a season.

Why is it that in autumn and winter we have to put on layers when the leafy trees do the opposite?

That day, I too shed lava-coloured leaves, and twirled and floated with bare feet on the steaming frosted ground,

Laughing into the looming night beyond the blue-grey gradient cloudbanks within my sights.




*** Whatever happened to autumn-flavoured autumn? Why’re you complicating a simple season with two sub-seasons? There was no “falling autumn” or “dead-sleep autumn” during Morning Calendar from my kindergarten days, and I know there are no such superfluous delineations now, Sweet Tart….***

*** Well, how about “leafy” and “post-leafy? or “post-summer” and “pre-winter”? Btw… this little ditty was inspired by my fluffy blue-grey scarf. ***

*** 😐 🙄 💀🧟‍♂️ ***

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