Inside a Word

Weird Poetry

I want to live inside a word.

I want to lie about inside a story,

Or take a walk between the lines of a poem keyed into a metro window,

Or scrawled in permanent marker on a bus seat.

I want to amble between the letters and punctuation marks,

Even the ones that are absent.

You know?

Those loaded empty spaces between paragraphs,

And at the end of lines.

I want to drown in a lake of metaphor

And in allusions,

Both subtle and obvious.

I want to live inside a feeling,

And become it fully for just a moment —

Even the problem feelings.

Yes, even those because they are as much a reminder

Of our fast-coursing crimson life force

As all of the light happy goody goody feelings,

The gumdrop sugar taffy ones.

The ones that piss on all of our rainbows

Have even more gifts to bestow

Because even urine contains water

Through which lights refracts —

To create more rainbows;

This thought is endlessly funny to me.




*** Try living in your skin first before you try living in words and such, Sugar Tits. Just sayin’…. Also… urine? Really? Have you tested your hypothesis about light refracting through piss? ***

*** I would love to live anywhere else in the world other than my own skin… if I could…. Words seem fitting because they flow in my veins as brightly as my blood. Also… about the pee… ever take a leak outdoors in a ray of sunlight? It is possible to piss rainbows…. ***

*** Seriously… ew. ***

2 thoughts on “Inside a Word

  1. This reminds me of the magic idea of words of power and True Names. But there must be some intelligence behind them, parsing the words and syntax making the words have meaning. Also, I have been pissing a lot in the sun mostly from trail running, but also from avoiding public restrooms. No rainbows yet.

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