Instant Models

Weird Poetry


They call themselves.


That’s fucking funny.

Real models are the runway kind,

And they are moving art,

And they are



Sublime beauty

From Every. Single. Angle.

Insta-models are moving fast food,

Overly-salted nutritionally-void instant cuppa noodles ready in 2 minutes,

And shat out in less.

I just hope they have a personality to use as a life preserver

When people stop caring about their vapid views, useless “fitness” videos, and their perfectly-filtered asses.

Too bad they are all run-of-the-mill-cosmetically-altered boredom incarnate,

Only good for a midnight stroke sesh,

And that’s about all.

Instagram models

At least they’re good for a laugh.

I’ll get my 5-day abs that way, I guess.




*** Are we maybe a little bit jelly, Angel Eyes? I mean they are these nubile twenty-somethings… and you… well… you just turned 40… and you have stretch marks and sagging skin. ***

*** Yes. 40. Stretched and sagging from living and growing life. But as for my agéd ass… let’s just say that I believe in building one over paying for one. And I do my squats every damn day. ***

*** Written in the middle of a workout… between sets of hammer curls and shoulder presses. 👊 My exercise regimen is NOT courtesy of Instagram. ***

6 thoughts on “Instant Models

  1. I totally agree with you. Instagram, I never set foot there. Not even to make fun of them, these fights, women and men. These people must be really bored. But facebook is not left out. Social networks are networks but no longer social at all. ‘Look at the photo of what I just ate.’ My God, what shit !

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