Changing of Skin and Season

Weird Poetry

I really am shedding my skin.

In the shower,

I scratched my itchy shoulders,

And scraped away layers of film

From me.

I even had to dig it out from under my nails.

I watched decades swirl down the drain

At my feet

From a single swipe of my hand…

And that is all it took

For yet another rebirth

To end one life

And begin a new one.

All in one hot shower.




*** So, basically you’re… peeling…? Maybe it’s just a changing of the seasons thing. Get thee some moisturizer. STAT! ***

*** Maybe it’s more a changing of the flesh thing, and not just the seasons. It is hard to tell if the cold winds are responsible, or the warm breeze dancing beneath my layers of skin, sloughing off the old and desicated to make room for a new and dew-kissed glow. Better than any moisturizer from a bottle. ***

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