Revolving Door

Weird Poetry

In and out

And in and out

And in

And out


In and






And out

And fucking IN again

And fucking OUT

And in and out and in and out


And. Out.

Repeat cycle

Ad infinitum…





*** Sounds like some serious hanky panky there, Sweetums! ***

*** Maybe it should be “around and around” rather than “in and out”, but at one point, you are on your way out, and at a point right after, if you don’t completely exit on time, you’re on your way back in. But no… not hanky panky. I would have thrown in some moans and “fuuuuucks” if I were talking about that. ***

***This poem is for the wishy-washy, who never know what they want, who go back and forth on their word, who are largely unreliable, and flit in and out of your life at will, attracted to the light one second, and repelled by it the next. ***

5 thoughts on “Revolving Door

  1. And yet…. who’s job is it to close that door so they don’t get back in? So that option is closed to them?

    I’m not one to talk. I’m in the same situation it seems. But without the emotion, just out of convenience and comfort.


    1. I know it’s my job. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Most friends I’ve had like this are no longer a part of my life. Takes me a long while to process experiences and the feelings and imprints that come with. I could be talking about something that happened weeks, months or years ago…. Who knows….


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