Weird Poetry

*** Trigger warning: Contains references to childhood sexual trauma. ***


She deflowered me

Without removing my petals.


She left them there to shrivel up, die and fall off on their own,

Or to be picked off one-at-a-time

By me.

She impaled my tender parts

Not just with her own victimization,

But also with her own need for power and possession —

Because she had none of her own,

And wanted to steal mine.

But at 6 or 7 (I can’t remember which — all of those young years feel the same to me),

I didn’t have much of that either,

So she left me with none,

And walked away with a little more

Than none.




*** Is it still sexual trauma if a broad does it? It’s not like she had a cock, Sweet Lips…. ***

*** If it feels like sexual trauma, then it is, plain and simple. There does not need to be physical penetration for it to count as rape or molestation. A violation of body and spirit does not even need physical touch. In my case… I was more than just “touched”, and my body and spirit will never forget… unfortunately. ***

*** Sexual trauma is never your fault. Never. ***

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