Weird Poetry

*** Trigger warning: Contains references to childhood sexual trauma. ***


She deflowered me

Without removing my petals.


She left them there to shrivel up, die and fall off on their own,

Or to be picked off one-at-a-time

By me.

She impaled my tender parts

Not just with her own victimization,

But also with her own need for power and possession —

Because she had none of her own,

And wanted to steal mine.

But at 6 or 7 (I can’t remember which — all of those young years feel the same to me),

I didn’t have much of that either,

So she left me with none,

And walked away with a little more

Than none.




*** Is it still sexual trauma if a broad does it? It’s not like she had a cock, Sweet Lips…. ***

*** If it feels like sexual trauma, then it is, plain and simple. There does not need to be physical penetration for it to count as rape or molestation. A violation of body and spirit does not even need physical touch. In my case… I was more than just “touched”, and my body and spirit will never forget… unfortunately. ***

*** Sexual trauma is never your fault. Never. ***

6 thoughts on “Deflowered

  1. It is trauma when you’re too young to consent and it doesn’t matter what gender does it.

    Not an easy subject to talk about, so thank you for sharing.

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