Raven Song

Weird Poetry

I spied a raven —

His silhouette black against the blue eye sky —

As he croaked his soaring love to me

With perfectly-timed steadfast wing beats

And a delightfully discordant song

Reverberating from his feathered throat

To mine.




*** You have an unnatural attraction to trees… and birds too now? What’s next, Toots? Cows? A water buffalo? The Great Horned Owl? At least you know that guy’d be into it… on account of being “horned”. ***

*** I was training outdoors on the weekend, and as I was doing my final set of resisted single leg-lifts, a raven crossed the sky at the moment I was thinking about… stuff (leg-lifts do things to my loins)… and I think some wires got crossed. ***

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