Blood Domicile

Weird Poetry

I withdrew my raw gushing heart from the locked drawer in my chest,

Placed it in your calloused hands,

And watched your eyes as you received it;

They reflected the moonful sky,

And the beating sun in mine

As a curl of my own blood (I could tell by the colour and the perfume) twisted around your chin

From the corners of your lips,

Zigzagging down your throbbing throat,

And under the collar of your worn t-shirt —

Some of the blood absorbing into the cotton over your chest,

Turning eggshell white

To wet shadow-bathed ruby —

The shade of my heart and its skin.

That’s when I knew it had found its home,

Because the rubies in my veins (your veins) had somewhere to go,

And grow,

And they knew they wanted to get there,

Rather than just pooling beneath your Adam’s apple.




*** Gee whiz, Sweet Lips! Here we go with the blood again…. ***

*** Blood is my favourite metaphor and beverage. You might be sick of it, but I’m a vampire at heart. ***

9 thoughts on “Blood Domicile

  1. Sick flow & deep lines….this is my fav piece of yours….blood is my fav metaphor as well….well, more than a metaphor after what I experienced….your poems are simply amazing….I connect to your words….

    Liked by 2 people

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