Reflected V-Formation

Weird Poetry

I watched a flock of geese

Flying in V-formation

Through the reflection of a distorted shop window.

They seemed to move through a wavey energy grid that made me think of a desert mirage.

(I know — how cliché, but that is what I thought when I saw this deviation from the ordinary).

If I had just turned around,

I could have seen them as they appear in “reality”,

Rather than through an imperfectly manufactured pane of glass.

But I liked how the plexiglass changed the texture and the feel of the birds and the overcast sky and boney barren trees,

As well as the way I feel about flying,

And showed me how overrated perceived reality really is.

There was something extraordinary about the reflection

And how it made me realize how subjective it all really is,

And not nearly as stable as we believe.

I oddly take comfort in knowing this,

And look forward to the next reflected V-formation

That I spy by accident.




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