Superfluous Veins

Weird Poetry

It’s strange —

I used to think I needed you

Like my veins need blood to have purpose.

It took bleeding myself

To realize that I perhaps need you the way a body needs a second set of veins,

Superfluous veins

It doesn’t.




*** You sound bitchy, Little Missy. ***

*** I know. I don’t feel bitchy though. I feel kinda light. I know we all need people but why? Why can’t we want rather than need? I don’t want need. ***

9 thoughts on “Superfluous Veins

    1. Depends on how you look at it, I suppose. Maybe I am putting someone or multiple people down, but for me, I’m just thinking about NOT NEEDING people… anyone… and the freedom in that. I find the whole sentiment of “needing” someone (unless it is a child needing an adult) codependent. People think need is love. It isn’t. It’s just neediness. Comes from a place of wounding.

      Also… the phrase “superfluous veins” popped into my head from some unknown source so I wrote something with it. 👍

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  1. I prefer my desires to my needs. Eating, drinking, sleeping are needs. Needs of the body. To fuck too. And make love too or not. I don’t know if making love is a need or a want. But I believe that we need to love and to be loved. How to escape this. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the need and the want. For some, cultivation is a need for others, it is not. How to know. It is up to everyone to know what falls into one or the other category.

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