All curled up….

Weird Poetry

Can you feel me

All curled up

Like a little fetal leaf not yet unfurled

Tucked away in the cozy dark of your shirt pocket,

The one directly over your heart?

Can you feel me

Wrapped tightly around your neck like a choker of blood-kissed rubies,

Rubies the colour of my lust mixed with yours,

And of double-sun-beating soul hauntings?

Can you feel me cached away in those labyrinthine chambers of echo,

Nuzzled deeply in the delicate helix of your outer ear…

The sweet little left one… the one spoken into by angels (maybe… you never know…)?

If you listen closely,

You will hear me audibly lick into your curls of cartilage

Last night’s de-worded choir of symphonic moans.




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