Poets Need Hecklers

Weird Poetry

Poets need more hecklers…

Or hecklers… period.

With baskets of rotten tomatoes

And scathing acid-kissed quips and truth-telling insults —

Like a Waldorf and Statler for our own pockets (that’s where I keep my own little hecklers… for humility’s sake).

Comedians and thespians shouldn’t have exclusive rights to being heckled in public.

I don’t say this because I dislike poetry —

I say this because

I love it.

And I love poets —

For all their visions and self-pitying compositions of lettered misery,

And for all of their (seemingly) unguarded hearts and souls.

But the air gets a little stuffy up here in the rafters of spontaneous overflow

And expression of heightened (often lunatic) emotions.

And the arrangement of feeling into an impossible but bravely attempted translation.

There is far too much solemnity in poetry,

And not nearly enough fun

And self-mockery

And downright tricksterism (there is an ambition… a trickster poet…).

This is why I feature my own set of hecklers at the bottom of almost every poem

In italics.

Because if I take myself too seriously,


And everyone else,

Will die of boredom.




*** So, is this my cue to continue making fun of you and your “poems”, Toots? ***

*** Whatever floats your boat or untangles your bodangles, old man! It’s open season for poet heckling. ***

15 thoughts on “Poets Need Hecklers

      1. Nice euphemism for “poet”… lol Poets also don’t like to refer to themselves as poets even though they bloody well write poetry every day…. bah!

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      2. Only the really good stuff gets bloody.

        Where the frack are the blood emojis anyway? I actually looked in the food emoji section. That’s weird.

        I need a new metaphor… lol Hence why I need a heckler.

        Liked by 2 people

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