Some of my leaves are you-coloured

Weird Poetry

You ushered in the end

(the beginning, or a wave breaking on a beach, then receding to rebuild)

When I showed you all of the colours and the textures of my leaves —

The light and the dark ones,

The skeletal and the plump ones,

The ones parched of chlorophyll,

The ones left hanging on the wind,

And the ones doing somersaults along the increasingly contrasting gradients in between my dark and light…

And maybe in between yours as well.

But you were long gone the moment I showed you

Which leaf was


When you stopped seeing it

(Or decided to turn your cheek)

It faded

And bleached from exposure to the second sun.




*** Still complaining, eh, Sweet Cheeks? ***

*** Nah… I wrote this a couple of months ago on a PMS day, and completely forgot about it lol ***

*** I still have traces of chlorophyll in my blood. The fading will un-fade, fallen leaves always regrow, flowers continue to blossom. I feel like a flower in full bloom these days. ***

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