The Mystery of the Curiously Yet Aptly Named Thigh Muscle

Weird Poetry

I have been feeling this muscle spasm

In my inner right thigh

For the last two days.

Just a dull ache and quiver

Of the sartorius muscle.

I had to research thigh anatomy so I could identify

The name and place of my physical discomfort (it is really nothing though… just a flutter that didn’t manage to escape my notice. Not even the smallest twinge ever does….).

The sartorius muscle:

It is the longest muscle in the human body.

Its opposing muscle is the gracilis.

The sartorius muscle helps us bend our knees.

It is also very curiously referred to as… I love this… the honeymoon muscle because it further aids in hip abduction and lateral rotation of the hip joint.

Mmmm hmmm…..

I was wondering why I have been experiencing these almost undetectable spasms of ache,

And I think I finally figured it out

Now that I know this muscle’s naughty little nickname.

I thought maybe I haven’t been drinking enough water,

And that is always true,

But overusing the one in question, the agonistic (in this context at least) sartorius,

And underusing the antagonistic gracilis (which helps us clam our thighs shut),

Might very well be the cause.

Also it is important to note that

You don’t need to be on a honeymoon

To overuse that muscle;

In fact, you don’t even need another person (though it’s not quite as fun)

To overuse that muscle.




*** Slut…. ***

*** You wish, Old Man… I actually do resisted hip abduction exercises on a regular basis, even double ones. The sartorius muscle is not to be underestimated. But I will admit, they definitely help me maintain functional mobility whether in bed or on the couch…. ***

*** Anatomy is FUN! ***

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