Improbable Permafrost Burial

Weird Poetry

Here is something I’m sure most of you did not know:

If you manage to bury someone in permafrost, and don’t do it deep enough (which is highly likely because permafrost is frozen ground, and therefore… really fucking hard), the ground will reject the body and push it back out.

There is absolutely no metaphor here. But it feels like there should be.




*** Who are you planning on burying, Sweet Cheeks? ***

*** No one… yet…. Still a week away from my PMS zone. Ask me again in about 5-7 days. ***

8 thoughts on “Improbable Permafrost Burial

  1. Sauf que le permafrost commence à dégeler, ce qui va poser d’autres problèmes comme la libération de virus inconnus, pires que le covid et donc, peut-être, la fin de l’humanité ou de toute vie sur terre.

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      1. Yes I have read that as well. Well… at least if you need to bury a body in thawing permafrost, it won’t pop back out and be all gross. … But then other gross stuff happens… ahhh shit nevermind…. 😂

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