My Private Bonfire

Weird Poetry

If you ever see me

Staring off into the blank spaces

Between the molecules in the air

With my hands clasped

Over the approximate location of my heart,

I am warming the cold

And melting the frozen

Over a private bonfire.

It is inside of me

And you will never see it for yourself.

But you will see it light my eyes

And curl my lips into countless secret smiles

That you might never understand.

You will see it rose my cheeks

And glisten my skin,

But you will never see it head-on.

You may spy its proof in me,

And you just might see it glowing from a place beyond my pores,

But you might never be able to put your finger on it.

Because it is just for me,

And me…


Some things are meant to stay within your bones to melt and evaporate in the boiling bubbling marrow, and re-absorb into the blood. Some things may never escape from the gravitational pull of galaxies and worlds under my skin.




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