Weird Poetry

I was there

Even though

I wasn’t really there.

But I was there, man.

I took the brown acid

And hallucinated myself

Into being

11 years

Before I was born.




*** Feeling nostalgic for an experience you never experienced, Angel Eyes? ***

*** I experienced it. Many times… and many more to come. 3D isn’t my only reality, maaaan. ***

3 thoughts on “Woodstock

  1. Je connais ça : La nostalgie d’une époque que l’on n’a pas vécu. Mais il me semble que c’est assez général, en France en tout cas. Tout ce qui rappelle un certain passé fait rêver, rassure. Notre époque est tellement merdique.

    Woodstock, pour moi, c’est surtout Janis Joplin et sa voix de déesse.

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