Monetized Mental Illness

Weird Poetry

Self-murderous mukbang madness

Gulping gluttony through a green-energy-made paper straw

And gleefully (sorrowfully) gorging on delectably delicious death on a styrofoam plate

After plate

After plate

After plate

All free

All day

Livestreamed on YouTube

For your viewing pleasure

And their profit

Mmmm mmmm good

We’re so loving it (duhduh-duh-duhduh)

Why read a book about running horses to the bone,

When you can watch it

For a fraction of the braincells.




*** Now THAT is how to profit off of a slow-mo suicide! Way to go, YouTube! ***

*** Some of you know that I get… uh… mouthy… at certain points in my cycle. I have a platoon of furious little gremlins stampeding through my bloodstream right now. Sorry. ***

13 thoughts on “Monetized Mental Illness

    1. It is about the whole mukbang situation on YouTube. People gorging on every manner of junkfood and fast food in massive amounts for entertainment and profit, all the while killing themselves slowly. Mukbangs (American ones rather than the original Korean ones) are basically for-profit exhibitions of severe eating disorders. It’s gross and just wrong.


      1. Lol! Yes. And it kind of makes me think of the book They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? by Horace McCoy. The desperate things people would do for money….

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      1. Yeah I have that too. The time I don’t spend on social media, I spend on YouTube and doomscrolling the news lol I should go back to painting with boobies maybe 🤣

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  1. Je passe aussi pas mal de temps sur Youtube (je suis un adepte de science, de philosophie et d’histoire). Et si tu veux partager avec nous tes aventures (et expériences) picturales, c’est quand tu veux 😊

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