Weird Poetry


Warning: This poem contains blunt references to suicide.


There is this sea of trees

In Japan

That is home

To weeping wills

And frayed nooses

Left hanging from its countless boney boughs.

Its death harvest

Approaches fruition

In the month of March.

One of the reasons

So many people choose this forest

As their final resting place

Is so they won’t die


They go there

Because so many others have gone there

To no longer be

Here alone.


There are others who choose this forest

So they can die

And not be noticed (just like how they feel in their living life)

As they are leaving.

But that didn’t work;

I see you now,

And you’ll never be alone.




*** No matter how alone you feel… you are never truly alone. You just aren’t. Humans suffer together. There is always someone who will listen to you. ***

*** Forgive me… I just learned about the “suicide forest of Japan” and now I feel sick. So I wrote this. I mean… I knew about the suicide situation there… I didn’t know there was a suicide destination that people went to… there. ***

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