Weird Poetry

In the woods

There is always the deadfall —

The trees that have fallen into their end —

A silent Winter death on the edge of the chirping Spring.



Returning to earth,

Demise in soil and dry moss,

A soft and sweet falling into eversleep —

[Only if you’re not around to hear it]

Back into the biomass —

Its place of birth.

You’ll always find one,

And you don’t even have to look very far.

Its death is now life.




*** Lighten up, Doll Face. It’s just a season. ***

*** Ugh…. ***

6 thoughts on “Deadfall

  1. My favorite parts of walking in the woods are the fellow brothers slowly decomposing, covered in moss and fungus and lichen and berries and teeny tiny flowers. How much life from life. It’s quiet and wonderful and feels me with joy.

    Just my personal perspective though.

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