Cleft Moon in Dusty Orange

Weird Poetry

Russet moon —


And sacred (scarred),

Burning as nights do in summer,

Glowing like a shard of ancient amber,

Set in tar.

It’s quarter to 5

In the morning,

Before the gloam and slow-rising of the sun,

And I feel you


From the halved moon,

Coloured in flame and rust,

Embedded in black sky.

My mind wanders for a bit,

Multi-directional and divergent

From a parched early morning wake-up,

But stills

When my eyes find

The dusty orange cleft moon —

Cleaved in half (like my soul)

By shadow (like my soul),

And hanging low

In the still-sleeping sky.




*** It looked like a fuzzy orange blob at first. Then I put my glasses on, and gasped. ***

6 thoughts on “Cleft Moon in Dusty Orange

  1. The moon likely formed from a cleft Earth impacted by a proto planet. The new cleft Earth protects from other impacts, the cratered surface scarred in evidence.
    Moon rock is a prized possession on Earth, yet the most valuable meteorites would be pieces of that ancient Earth left frozen and sterile on Luna’s blemished face.

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    1. Don’t you just love nature and science? I have heard the first theory on the formation of the moon. Pretty groovy to imagine those beginnings.


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