Hopeful Poetry

Weird Poetry

I don’t know why

I find hopeful uplifting poetry

So off-putting these days —

Especially in this living breathing season.

It feels like it does the opposite

Of what it intends to do.

Then again,

I probably feel this way

Because I woke up.




*** Jeez, Sweet Cheeks… need a hug or something? ***

4 thoughts on “Hopeful Poetry

  1. No, it’s not coz you woke up….I think there’re too many uplifting posts….are we wearing the mask to only talk abt the good & positive things & not to look at the other side….

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  2. As positive of a person as I try to be I agree. It depends on the mood. And right now the mood of the world seems somber. I’m not in a pessimistic mood though either. Which is why I’ve decided to abstain from social media and the news. Except wordpress. But I do get it. Truly. Don’t force yourself to feel anything or any which way. Honor where you are. Who knows. Maybe one day you’ll like them again. If you ever really did. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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