The Breathless Dark

Weird Poetry

When I think or hear or read

About sea creatures,

Like giant octopuses and squid,

Or Jaws,

Or Captain Ahab’s monster,

I don’t flinch much.

Because it is never the actual beast that terrifies me;

It’s always the water —

That choking deep wet dark

That steals your breath

And strangles the light from your eyes;

The beast is just a little extra bit of terror

To merely decorate your aqueous goodbye.




*** Current fixations: octopus…es… and drowning. ***

7 thoughts on “The Breathless Dark

    1. Lol! The ocean is absolutely terrifying to me but if I lived near it… I would be in it all the time. I think it is good to have a healthy dose of fear and respect for things that can kill you.

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