Erotic Poetry, Weird Poetry

I don’t just passively watch a film;

I interact with it…

I join in…

I talk to it…

I mirror emotions…

I sometimes lose track of where I end and a film begins,

Vice versa.

I watched two wanton (undeniably kinky) lovers

Erotically pass a whole egg yolk

Back and forth

From their open mouths

Several times without breaking it

[It was a marvel of delicacy, precision and hungry carnality, and it kinda made me clench certain parts of my body and gag at the same time]

As my own mouth swung open on its hinges.

When she came,

Because of course he was caressing her off screen at the same time,

I exhaled after an entire minute

Of not breathing…

Most probably,

Just like she did.

When the broken yolk oozed from her pinkened lips

And her eyes rolled into the back of her head

As she expelled her climactic exclamation (and relief, perhaps, that the game was finally over),

I was the one that moaned the loudest.




*** That egg yolk scene is from an excellent Japanese film “Tampopo”… a film that will make you crave both Ramen and warm human flesh. ***

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