Painting with Body Parts #47: Cherry-Stained Fantasia

Art & Erotic Art, painting with body parts

Daydream with me

Across the cherry-stained fantasia

Of my pink-painted heliophilic hideaway

Where primordial trees of gilded splendor

Stand silent

Against vast upward dripping mountains

And the passion-marbled skies

Of a never-setting sun.

This piece is called “Cherry-stained Fantasia”.


Painting with Body Parts #46: Moon-soaked Treescape

Art & Erotic Art, painting with body parts

I broke my slumber

On the underbelly of a dream

And found myself on a moon-soaked treescape

With little to do

Other than laugh

And laugh

And laugh

Until I too

Became one of the hilarious trees.

*** I am convinced that trees are all in on a big joke being played on the planet. They know exactly what’s what. I am convinced that they are enlightened beings. 100% convinced. ***


Drawing: Juicy Cantaloupes

Art & Erotic Art

This is the first drawing I have done since the Spring. I am a little rusty, but it is a good start. Plus, it was my first attempt at a dark background with highlighting.

Below is my source of inspiration: these lovely little cantaloupes from a farmer’s market I visited this past summer. As soon as I bought them, I knew I would draw them, so I set them up and took a photo.

That photo sat in my phone for months. Until the time was just right to pick up my pencil again.

I am glad I did. I missed drawing. It is so calming.

My rendering is imperfect but it just motivates me to do even better on the next drawing.

Art is everything.


New Drawing in the Works!

Art & Erotic Art

I have started preparing for a new drawing. I have been keeping my projects on the down-lo as of late, but I will let you all in on what I am currently working on:My late Grandfather’s accordion.He couldn’t play it. But he enjoyed trying… just like he did every other instrument he owned… and he owned many! I come from a long line of music-lovers with no musical talent.This is just a sketch to feel out the forms, proportions and perspective. I am commencing the official drawing today.Three cheers for art!👽❤xoxoxo❤👽

Sketching Practice

Art & Erotic Art

I just started a little study of the curved line. I am attempting a sketch based on a photo I took of myself.

But right now, I just need to work on simple curved lines. And I have no shortage of those.

Keep in mind that this is the first time in my almost 39 years of life that I am attempting sketching and drawing as a serious hobby. I only ever just doodled in the margins. I never gave myself a chance to actually try to be an artist. Never thought I could.

I know now that that is bullshit. Better late than never.

Shading will come later. For now… lines and lines and more lines.

If you are an artist, suggestions on what I should focus on first when learning to draw are welcome! Comment or contact me.