The Unsung Hip Crease


Remember that ridiculous “thigh gap” craze? I do… mostly because I don’t have a thigh gap. My thighs are thick and juicy, and they rub together when I walk. They also clamp my lover to my body in the throes of ecstacy, providing no gap through which he can escape to safety. Fuck the gap.

But what about the delicate hip crease? I took this photo a little while ago, and am still quite entranced by it, especially how the curve of my hip curls into the curve of my ass. And that crease! It was made to nestle grasping hands for deeper, more sensual thrusts. Wouldn’t you say?

Screw boney thigh gaps. I am all about the hip crease. Let’s make this a thing.


Playtime in the Snow


I had myself little fun this past weekend. Up in the country, there is still a tonne of snow. Mountains of the white shit blocks the view from most of our windows. This year was a doozy in the snow department.

So I figured I would make the best of it, and enjoy some temperature play of my own.

It started with a strip tease…

Then me reclining directly on the snow. Yes… I would have to be crazy to do this. And luckily, I am!

The photo looks delicious, yet I was feeling anything but! My ass was frozen!

See the redness? Like I said… frozen arse. But begging for a spank.

There is nothing quite as liberating as nudity (or partial nudity) en plein air. Mmmm! Can’t wait for warmer weather. I have a feeling a lot of naked outdoor adventures await.


Body Part Painting #2: My Electric Butt Cheeks


I am being guided towards more creative and spiritual pursuits as of late. Mainly meditation and self-questioning (this is a struggle but a worthy one) and more visual art.

My Kandinsky piece really got me excited to make more art with my body.

For this one, my ass would be the palette and applicator. Like my canvas, it was pristine and really to be sullied for the sake of art, self-expression and body positivity.

Here goes the first cheek! I used my hands because I am a savage like that.

Now the other!

Both cheeks are ready for their impression on the canvas.

I tried sitting on it. It was pretty funny to behold… and not efficient at all. So I just put myself into Goddess pose and pressed the canvas onto my ass. I wiggled around on it, and totally turned myself on while doing it too. Tee hee!

My ass looks like an assymetrical butterfly. Makes sense.

I applied paint to the cute part of my ass that curves in towards my pussy. You know which part…. And pressed the canvas into that… or rather rubbed myself onto the canvas. 😈

Then I poured paint onto my hand and flung it onto the canvas where my pussy would be… ish. I made sure to make that nice and messy. A pussy explosion, if you will.

There you have it. Sexy ass art. It will happen again.

I think I want to do a pussy impression. Not sure how to go about that but I will figure it out.

I want to use my belly to make art as well as that is my biggest point of (healing) self-consciousness and self-loathing.

Art is a soul saviour.