The Silencing

Weird Poetry

I hear the silencing

Taking place

All around me

In all corners of life —

Real and virtual;

No one can hide from it —

No, not even YOU.

There is

A taking down of voice(s),

A collective replacing/erasing/enshrouding

Of thought

Of word

Of criticism and critical thinking

Of difference and deviation

Of discussion and disagreement.

A figurative burning

Of books and ideas

Of nuance

Of freedom of expression and speech.

Newspeak is our new language, people!

Fucking SPEAK IT (do it, you little bitches)

Or face the hunters at your door steps;

They’re waiting with their pitchforks and fires and their salivating chops.


Let’s all say it together

Because it is a part of everyone’s brand new compelled lexicon now:





*** Fuck the world right now… seriously. ***

*** And fuck the Thought Police too. Yeah. I said it! ***