I still feel your heated and hushed words against my dew-licked skin.

Flame-scorched whisperings that blow cold the burning beads of sweat curling down the dreamscape of my body,

Sending chills up and down my spine,

And right into the living marrow of my ghostwhite bones.

There is no place for a mind in times like this,

No place for thought,

For sense,

No place for doubt,

Or for time;

We exist on a timeless, senseless plane,

And I am content to abandon the density of this earth for the Light

Of a higher realm.

I lost my head the moment you opened your mouth upon me,

And fed your utterings and divine growlings into my soul.


Stars in My Eyes

Weird Poetry

You are the blazing stars in my eyes,

And your constellations stick like gauze to my eyelashes.

You seem to be countless many lightyears out of touch sometimes,

But you are right here,

In me,

In the two heaven-stained windows

That you look both into and out of.

Your supernovas blind and char me from the inside,

For you are much closer at hand;

You are caught in the universes of my eyes,

And you orbit my wandering wayless soul.

When I gaze upwards,

I see what can be found between the spokes of my sky-kissed irises,

And in the perpetual expansion and contraction of my black hole pupils,

Which are hungry for your light.

You are never far away,

Never separate,

You are inside of me,

Galaxies spiraling at the centre of the lucent orbs

Through which I see All of You in All of Me

No matter where I look.